Frequently asked questions

What type of proxies are these?
These are SOCKS 5 proxies.
What is the authorization method for the proxies?
Authorization is performed by IP address.
To access the proxy you must bind your IP address, from which you use the proxies.
Can I bind several IP addresses and use proxies from several computers at the same time?
Yes, upon purchasing a subscription you can specify how many IP addresses you need to bind.
Proxies do not work, what to do?
These are SOCKS 5 proxies, they do not work as HTTP proxy, use the appropriate settings in your software.
Also be sure that you have bound your IP address here:
How frequently the proxies list is updated?
The proxies list receiving realtime updates. It is best to update your proxy list every 1-2 minutes.
Every day we have about 20% of new IPs.
How many proxies is usually online?
Usually we have online 9 000 - 18 000 SOCKS proxies.
Why do you have multiple different ports per one IP?
Those IPs are gateways, every port is associated with its own external IP address. All proxies are connected to our servers and work through them. Every port has one IP address associated with it. It does not affect the speed or quality.
Are SMTP ports opened on proxies?
SMTP ports 25, 465 and 587 are opened on proxies.
What happens when exceeding the limit of concurrent TCP connections allowed by plan?
If you exceed the number of concurrent TCP connections allowed by your plan you will be blocked from accessing the proxies for 15 minutes.
Which countries do you offer proxies from?
IP addresses of proxy servers distributed around the world. You can find almost any country.
Can I take a trial?
Unfortunately no, we do not offer any trial, but you can buy a short-term subscription for a little money.
I did not like proxies, can I have a refund?
We recommend you to buy a cheap one-hour or one-day subscription to estimate the quality of proxies before purchasing a more expensive subscription, since we do not provide any refund.
I bought a subscription for a month, but I will not use the proxies next week, can I suspend the subscription?
Unfortunately no, we can`t suspend your subscription.
What is your SPAM policy? Can I use these proxies for fraud/phishing/ddos/etc?
  • Prohibited to use this site and proxies for any illegal activity prohibited by the law of the Russian Federation, US, France, Canada and other countries.
  • It is forbidden to register multiple user accounts on this site.

For non-compliance your account will be blocked immediately without warning or any refund. By buying a proxy subscription, you agree to these rules (the rules may be supplemented and amended without notice).

Who can become a partner?
Any user, who ever had a long-term subscription on this site (1 month and above).
What is the amount of rewards?
By default you will receive 10% of the amount of each payment made by your referrals.
How i can use the accumulated rewards?
Accumulated rewards you can withdraw in BTC or USDT TRC20 upon request to support. Minimum withdrawal amount - $50.

Any attempts of fraud with the affiliate program will lead to cancellation of all rewards or complete blocking of your account without notice and refund.